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    设计师: 翁祖凌


    Project name: Gemtree wine club


    Main case design :Weng Zuling


    Soft outfit landing: Da Mei soft outfit


    Lighting design:xiaobin



    "Life is more than daily necessities, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, tea, and music, chess, calligraphy, painting, poetry, hops." Wine tasting is like life, exciting, depressed, bitter, sweet and sour...



    This case is contemporary and contracted design style, it is design main line with diffuse gentleman grace, let people be in material abundant age, slow pace goes pursuing delicate and elegant life. In the quiet light, slowly turn the glass, smell the wine, so that the tired mind can be placed.



    The wine-red art paint is used throughout to create a mellow and elegant space atmosphere. Entering the entrance hall, the arc-shaped wine cabinet extending from the facade to the top is full of rhythm and rhythm, just to show the brewing of each wine with life thickness, unique, mellow and honorable.



    The platform under the wine cabinet is connected with the staircase. The design of the whole hidden light belt enhances the sense of spatial levels while dividing the space. The cascading and staggered stair structure enhances the sense of rhythm of the space and makes people shine at the moment. Stylist is proper lamplight design, let dimensional change become a kind of dynamic.



    Large transparent French Windows in the reception area eliminate the boundary between indoor space and outdoor greening, and the green tree street view becomes an extension of the interior space. The furniture and soft furnishings in the tasting area well combine Chinese elements with the wine culture with strong European style, with simple and fluent lines, composed and heavy color of wrapping



    The wooden grille partition becomes the boundary dividing the reception area and wine tasting area. The wine tasting area is designed to be minimalist and practical. The metope of red brick carve act the role ofing, classic restore ancient ways gesso disk carve a flower, setting off the firelight with warmth of fireplace, everything is in understate, retreat and hidden again, attract meditative, experience aftertaste in quiet streamline, it is red wine, also be life!

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